Small school pack | | Small school pack

Small school pack

Small school pack

  • Small School Pack allows you to mark all your clothes, shoes and belongings of your kid. From school uniforms to pencils, everything is marked and the owner properly identified. 82 labels pack
  • Thermo-adhesive labels for clothes and vinyl waterproof labels to stick on objects (washing machine, microwaves and dishwasher resistant. Up to 60ºC)
  • Stick vinyl labels on a dry and smooth surface like lunch boxes, sippy cups, goggles, sports equipment, shoes. Iron-on your labels over any kind of fabric. You can personalize color and icon.
  • 82 labels pack that includes:
      - 20 thermo-adhesive small labels (5,5x0,8 cm).
      - 6 thermo-adhesive big labels (6x2 cm).
      - 20 small adhesive vinyl labels (5,5x0,8cm) for objects
      - 30 vinyl mini labels for pencils, pens, calculators, scissors, bottles, tupperwares...
      - 6 vinyl labels for shoes.
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